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Iraq Through My Eye

Photographer; Michael Taylor
Location; Iraq
Camera; Sigma SD9

In the fall of 2004 I purchased my first Sigma Camera system while I was deployed to Iraq in the City of Tikrit. The images above are a cross section of the thousands of images I captured with my SD9 with its incredible Foveon sensor and those first lenses from October 2004 to February 2005.

Some here and some there

The last few weeks not much has happened here on X3 magazine. Not that there is nothing to show but I have been a bit too busy to spend much time on the magazine. In europe this is now the season for weddings and we are very busy with that.

Besides that we took on a personal project that I can’t say much about at the moment but that is taking up all of our time. I hope to resume more regular updating of this site in a couple of weeks when everything settles down a bit.

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The colors of love

Photographer; Al Carlay Photography.
Camera; Sigma SD15.
Lens; Sigma 17-50mm OS.

I usually take my trusty Nikon D3s for engagement shoots but for Edward & Karolina and Ben & Tracy, I decided to shoot with my Sigma SD15. Why? because of the foveon colors which are very rich to my eyes and has a certain digital softness that’s very hard to duplicate with my D3s.