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10 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise. The Sigma SD Quattro”

  1. Thanks for the great article Bob!
    It really is a surprise. But not totally unexpected since this is the logical way forward for SD cameras.
    Looks like we will have time to digest it since it won’t ship for around 6 months. There has been a lot of chatter about the design good, bad & confused. They pretty much hit my ideal design, basically splitting the difference between the Leica SL & T with the exception of introducing a new mirror-less mount and using adapters for compatibility with existing lenses.
    Paul Petersen
    Hillsboro, Oregon

  2. Thanks for the article. You could perhaps amend the AF section to include mention of the ‘free movement’ AF mode where you can AF on any point on the whole image area, not just the nine ‘fixed’ AF points. cheers

  3. Thanks Bob, the most interesting element of this article that I hadn’t read anywhere else was the continued advice to use a tripod to prevent camera shake. I was hoping that the next SD camera in whatever form it came might be more flexible in that regard, I thought that might have been one benefit to going mirrorless.

    Certainly I do hope some of the technoligy they have used in the DP Cameras can be transferred over….i’ve not read anywhere what sort of shutter mechanism they intend to use in these cameras I am hoping that the leaf shutter which I happen to like in the DP3M and DP2Q could be used in the mirrorless SD’s.

    Like you I am also hoping that other editing software companies could be encouraged to support the new SD’s going forward. I’ve been part of the Adobe subscription service for about 2 years now and am somewhat peeved that they don’t support the raw files of my Sigma Merrill and Sigma Quattros.

    We both know how well the Sgma cameras do with good light, so with that in mind the other thing I would like to see is some more support from industry light equipment companies. Canon and Nikon users get good support from the industry, if Sigma cameras could get similar support from trigger mechanisms then that would open up a lot of additional benefits and versatilty of the cameras in the studio and on site.

  4. Looks promising but I really need to compare side by side raws from it with the SD1 Merrill ones. Still not convinced of Quattro superiority

    1. I have both versions, two Merrills and one Quattro. Comparing the DP2M with the DP2Q in terms of pure image quality, the Merrill wins in almost all aspects but on high iso, not meaning that the Quattro is good on high iso. It’s just slight better than the Merrill. Not sure if this is a software or a camera issue. The new bodies looks cool and they have a nice price tag, maybe I’ll buy one.

      By the way, I really don’t like Sigma Photo Pro. It’s slow like hell and lacks some basic features like curves adjustment. I’m using Iridient Developer with better results.

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