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SIGMA Capture Pro 1.0 allows photographers to tether the Sigma SD1 camera to their computer and take control over camera settings and capture images remotely.

The following info comes from:; More info and findings will come once we had some time with this new piece of software.

Main Features


  • It is possible to control cameras and take pictures from the computer. In addition, it is possible to store images to either the card in the camera or the PC Drive, or both simultaneously.
  • Even if the camera is connected to the computer, it is possible to operate the camera and take pictures by operating the camera body.
    * There is a restriction on timing for taking pictures.
  • It is possible to set how many times the shutter is released automatically at one operation. During multiple frame shooting, autofocus will set for each exposure.
    * If the focus mode is set to MF, the shutter will be released the number of times which you set without auto focusing.

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