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7 thoughts on “My alternative dp1 Quattro workflow”

  1. I use Iridient Developer and RawTherapee to develop the raw files and manage my collection with PhaseOne Media Pro.

  2. So in a way the same way 😉 My problem with Iridient was that I always had too much work to get those green and magenta anomalies out.

    1. I get the anomalies when I use old manual lenses and it’s always related with the ammount of light fall off the lens suffer. With modern Sigma Glass it’s extremely rare to have any nocive cast.
      When things goes really bad, I use Color Mechanic Pro from Digital Light and Color, an unbeatable tool for color correction. Too bad it’s just for Windows, but I have a Win7 virtual machine on my mac and I can live with this. CMP is a plugin. IF you like, you can try it.

      To be honest Sigma has a looong way to make SPP a really good software. It lacks some very basic controls, like curves and multi point color correction.

  3. I use a similar workflow starting with Photo Mechanic and switch between SPP and Iridient Developer ( Merrill X3F’s) I have my SD Quattro ordered; hopefully someday Iridient will support it . Your blog has been a good resource, thanks !

  4. It’s good to know about Photo Mechanic as the only other program I had found that I could quickly review images with was DXO Optics. In reviewing the LR settings though, I’m curious why you increase saturation and don’t use Vibrance instead?

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