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Sigma Booth at Photokina 2016

Sigma Booth at Photokina 2016

As tradition has it we also this year visited Sigma’s booth at Photokina 2016. A booth that really showed Sigma’s new position in the world of photography. The rather large booth had a great premium feel to it, reflecting the quality of the recent Sigma Global Vision lenses, like the Art and sport series. Sigma looks to be in great shape, update and very confident, which was confirmed during some of the chats we had with representatives of the company. One of the big centres of attention was the new line of Cine lenses, which got a lot of attention from the crowds. Of course there still were plenty of lenses to try with your own camera, including their new flagship, the Sigma 500mm f/4 DG OS HSM Sport.


    1. Hi Lea, yes it was a lot of fun. And yes, you should really plan a visit the next time (2018). Photokina is still something special. Maybe combine it with a visit to us? We have gorgeous vineyards to shoot here 🙂

      1. Hi Bob, i have always promised myself that one day i will make the trip over to Germany for the show so we should make it a date next time 😉
        I have been going to the show we have at the NEC in Birmingham UK for many years now and normally give Sigma UK a hand which is nice.
        Sigma look to have some really nice new products coming out shortly and are going from strength to strength.
        The 12-24mm Art would be a very nice addition to my camera bag.
        The vineyards and a visit to you sounds perfect 😉

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