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Recent Sigma Corporation updates

In the last few weeks Sigma Corporation released a couple of updates into the world. Since I was away to enjoy a bit of free time without internet I collected them in this single post.

Firmware updates

First up are two firmware updates for the DP1x and DP2x. For both cameras it is now possible to shoot in RAW+JPEG. Noise performance under certain circumstances has been improved. For the DP1x there are several performance enhancements and improvements to enhance the integration with the DP2x.

Download the Sigma DP1x firmware ver. 1.02 »

Download the Sigma DP2x firmware ver. 1.01 »

Last month Sigma also issued a firmware update for the SD1.


The new 150mm Macro with Optical Stabilizer is now shipping for Canon, Sigma & Nikon mount. We were fortunate to have the possibility to try out this lens. And it is really good. Expect an article about it in the coming weeks.

Sigma also introduced a new generation of the 12-24mm lens, an extremely wide full frame lens. No shipping date was given yet. The lens will be available in Canon, Nikon and Sigma mount.


The flashes Sigma EF-610 DG ST and EF-610 DG SUPER are now available for Sigma cameras. These flashes are compatible with the SD1.

Camera Kit

For those that can’t afford the new high priced SD1, Sigma introduced a new affordable Sigma SD15 kit. It’s called the “SIGMA SD15 TWIN ZOOM KIT” offering a wide shooting coverage. The kit contains The SD15 and two lenses, the SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8-4.5 DC OS HSM and the SIGMA 50-200mm F4-5.6 DC OS HSM. A great kit to get started in the world of this unique sensor technology.


  1. I have had the el cheapo 500 ef dg and had to part with it as it didn’t twice get the exposure right.

    If I can post the question here…I have a SD14, and it has some seriously frustration quirks. The display only shows remaining frames, PSAM-position, metering mode, compensation, IR-on/off, and battery status.
    The most useful are missing: Aperture and Speed.
    Now half depressing the shutter reveals the Speed and Aperture. In order to change the settings I have to keep the shutterbutton halv down in order to see where the setting ends, and most of the time I simple twist the dial and check afterwards where the setting ended.

    Firmware version 1.0.8

    Jesper Hansen

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