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9 thoughts on “The Sigma SD1 Happened”

  1. So do you think it is worth the current exaggerated price or no? I have not got my hands on one yet but I’m not seeing the current price tag lining up with the described quality.

  2. So Sigma loaned you one but do you actually plan on buying one paying for it yourself? Is it worth $7,000 to you?

  3. The whole price angle of the SD1 has been covered in great length elsewhere by this point. I tried to convey what the camera delivers to me.

    Do I personally feel the price is “exaggerated”? It’s a lot of money for most people. I wish it was less expensive just so more people could get out of it what I’ve gotten out of it. However, if your livelihood hinges on the quality and impact of the images you produce, then I don’t think the price is exaggerated.

    Sigma’s single-mindedness on image quality is clear even going back to the original SD9. They were lucky back then that the sensor and body were reasonably priced enough that they were able to get some traction in the marketplace. It totally makes sense that they would have extreme confidence in the camera’s ability to produce stunning images to the point where they compare the SD1, not to other cameras based on features, but entirely on image quality. Many of us, whether we’re hobbyists or professional photographers tend to look at things from a features and functionality standpoint. Now, you can argue whether the price is justified, but it is Sigma’s camera, and it’s their choice. You have your choice.

    There are many other cameras on the market in that price range. It’s never the body alone, however. If you were to take the high-end Nikon, Pentax, or Leica systems and then start adding flashes and lenses, then the SD1 may in fact be a bargain overall.

  4. Dear Scott:

    Yours is the best review I have seen so far of the SD1. It really focuses on what really matters for an Artist .How it feels .

    Art is all about excitement that leads to creativity , cameras are just tools to express feelings and emotions ,and some are just better at that. A Photographic artist feels liberated and empowered when he feels that his camera can capture anything that inspires him . You have given me a new dimension of feeling . Getting more than you thought you would ,when you pressed the shutter.

    I just can wait to see what it can do when that camera is paired with a Leica-R lens!


  5. The price is atrociously exagerated. If you can’t say, we will say it… again and again so they finally hear it.

    1. Joe, yes the price is high. But please do write Sigma about it, directly. That way they will hear it for sure. I also wish that the price will come down. On the other hand this article was not intended to discuss the pricing as clearly stated by Scott. So please do understand and respect that.

  6. “On the other hand this article was not intended to discuss the pricing as clearly stated by Scott. So please do understand and respect that.”

    This article was clearly intended to avoid anything that could be really embarrassing (for Sigma). This is what I understand… but I won’t insist. I just wanted you to know that your readers know…

    Have a nice day

  7. I have noticed that some photographers are going back to the medium
    format film cameras Mamiyas , Hasselbl. and others specialy
    for weddings first of all because they sell their work printed and the
    digital printing is not quite good yet and 2nd. due to the poor quality
    that the digital cameras are capable specialy for printing. on the screen
    is an other story and also the screen is very important Full HD or not.
    I have the SD14 & SD15 and specialy the SD15 is for me the only
    digital camera that reproduce a superb quality images specialy on the screen
    TV. colors , sharpness , and this new SD1 seems that will beats every
    thing built up to know. Bayer sensor is ok for pocket cameras and
    sports, very low light but for a wedding report or brochures not yet.
    This SD1 should be F.F. however it seems to be spectacular and
    still there are some unbelievers that says that this camera is not
    worth. the price is too high thats truth but the camera is extraordinary.
    Check the Leica s2 price or Hass. Pls . Cheers

  8. I agree with Scott on the achievement that the SD1 is and what it is capable of doing. However if the camera was a full frame sized sensor I believe the discourse over the price would be relegated to to putzes complaining about what is is missing compared to single digit series from Canon or Nikon.
    Honestly from a practical standpoint the resolving power offered by the SD1 is beyond my lens budget and practical needs. Also the processing power need for SPP to wrangle SD1 files is seriously overwhelms my new second generation i5 MacBook Pro.
    Hopefully in the near future Sigma will throw us a bone in the form of a lower resolution upgrade, maybe with Live view and HD video.

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