Sigma DP2 Quattro now available

The long awaited dp2 Quattro is now available and reaching the hands of several photographers. Together with the availability came a new Sigma Photo Pro release.

Now at version number 6 the release of the new SPP was not without problems. Especially the Mac version had a lot of problems. Although some of them were solved in two consecutive releases it looks like there are still some issues open. Hopefully this matter will be resolved fast.

Unfortunately we diid not have yet the chance to get our hands on a dp2 Quattro yet. Once we do we will give it a thorough work out and share our experiences in a review.

For now I leave you with a link to the new Sigma Photo Pro software.
Download Sigma Photo Pro 6

PS. This version of SPP is not suitable for RAWs from cameras before the Merrill generation. That will be provided in the 6.1 version.


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