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13 thoughts on “Two new promotional videos from Sigma”

  1. Typical, just as I get on the dp boat, with the dp3m they bring out a new model, unlike you Bob I’m not entirely sure I like the new design. Although that said I do like the very obviously placement of the focus button, I think that is to be welcomed, whenever I picked up my wife’s dp2s, which I didn’t do often granted, I was all fingers and thumbs looking around for the focus button and probably missing a decent number of shots because of that.

    Now that I have the DP3 i’m not sure i need a quattro at this time, but I am curious what the sensor might mean for the next dslr model. I am going to get one more lens, then look to upgrade to the SD1m, but I will be keeping an interest on any new developments for sure. I don’t always need the high ISO, but it sure would be nice to see a foveon sensor have the capabilities and yet still have that foveon look of old. If they can do that and keep the price reasonable I might well be interested in forking out yet more money Sigma’s way.

    Shame it takes Sigma to announce something to see more of you Bob. Looking forward to seeing any more articles you care to share.

  2. Have to admit that the Quattro came as a bit of a surprise to me too. Was just planning to do an article about one year with the DPs. Not sure it makes sense to do so now.

    I had planned to write & share a lot more here but life was a bit more turbulent than hoped for. Having your own business and having a child makes life slightly more complicated 😉 I hope I will be able to write a lot more again.

  3. I might have been too quick to judge the design of the camera, I hated the look at first but the more I see of it the more I like it.

    Have to say though I did like the DP3m when walking around London, felt good in the hand. With the price of the Merrills I may well be tempted to get the DP1m or the DP2m, Absolutely loved the sound of the shutter, or lack of should I say.

    As for the Quattro, its growing on me, but I’m saving judgement until I can see the capabilities of the sensor, the Merrills just might be good enough for my purposes, which is a fun camera for my own personal purposes. I would much prefer to see an upgrade to the dslr range, and so far no announcement on that front, not sure whether to delay the sd1m purchase or not.

    I do think with the recent price drop, that article you were planning on doing still has its place. So many new people have recently jumped on the DPm ship in recent weeks.

  4. I bought a Sigma DP2Merrill about 2 months ago as I was intrigued by all the reports about the outstanding image quality. The huge price drop here in the UK also helped that decision. To say I was impressed with the potential of the images from this camera is an understatement. A couple of weeks ago I also bought a DP1Merrill and have on order the DP3M. I equate this small, lightweight outfit with lens equivalent focal lengths of 28mm, 45mm and 75mm as my new mini view camera set- the image quality is that good. The real selling point for me is the way the Sigma RAW images convert into absolutely mind blowing black and white files. I hope the new Quattro DP’s do well but for the next couple of years I will be very happy with my first generation Merrill’s.

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