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3 thoughts on “Sigma DP2 Merrill to hit the shelves in July for a street price of $999”

  1. fantastic camera, for sure … and IF it had a viewfinder, i would consider getting both the dp2 and dp1 merrill to replace my sd1!
    unfortunately, cameras without vf have no interest for me whatsoever (that is why i had to get rid of both dp1 and dp2 when i had them, in spite of the phenomenal image quality) … and i even did have the external optical vf…

  2. Thank You Bob for the update 🙂

    I think I am skipping on the SD1/SD1M due to the low buffer since my SD14 has the same buffer and I want a bigger one (it is one of the few things that annoy me about my SD14, the low buffer). But a DP1M or DP2M could be the replacement I get for my DP1S, it is truly a worthy upgrade (since DP series cameras aren’t SLRs , I don’t mind the lower buffer since I won’t be shooting it like I would an SLR)

    I look forward to the successor to the SD1/SD1M, a bigger buffer, or if we are very lucky, a bigger sensor and since most of my glass is full frame ready, I would potentially be in a good position for a 1 or 1.3 sized sensor. Just wait at least a year to bring out the successor Sigma, I need to save my money 😉

  3. This camera may be a cracker and a new standard for image quality on compacts. I already own a DP2 (the original) and it delivers fantastic images. I also own two other Sigma cameras, the SD9 and SD15.

    I had some good and bad experiences with sigma lenses, used with both of my SD cameras and I’m not very confortable to go into a trial-and-error basis until find a really good lens, on pair with the SD1 Merrill. To be honest, I’m very disapointed with a reasonably expensive lens I bought together with my SD15. Unless Sigma releases some really good, professional grade lenses, I’ll pass the SD1.

    But the DP2 Merris is another story. I’ve already pre-ordered one, and my fingers are itching.

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