München – 06.09.2018: Olympiastadion in München

Olympiastadion München

Olympiastadion (German pronunciation: [ʔoˈlʏmpi̯aːˌʃtaːdi̯ɔn]) is a stadium located in Munich, Germany. Situated at the heart of the Olympiapark München in northern Munich, the stadium was built as the main venue for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

With an original capacity of 80,000, the stadium also hosted many major football matches including the 1974 FIFA World Cup Final and the UEFA Euro 1988 Final. It hosted the European Cup Finals in 1979, 1993, and 1997. Its current capacity is 69,250.[1]

Until the construction of Allianz Arena for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the stadium was home to FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich.

Source: Wikipedia

Location; Munich, Germany
Camera; Sigma sd Quattro
Lens; 30mm F1,4 DC HSM | Art
App; Adobe Lightroom CC Classic & Capture One 11 using DNG created in-camera.

  1. Olympiastadion München – Terri and I were there in 1972 for the memorial service honoring the slain Israeli athletes. The stadium was filled to capacity, yet you could hear a pin drop. The foreboding silence told the story that unforgettable day. A fabulous facility in both architecture and function, yet filled with sorrowful memories.

    1. Oh Bill, that adds a layer to the story. Must have been a powerful moment in life. The facility still looks incredible in this day and age. The Architecture is really something special.

      1. Thanks, Bob. It was definitely a powerful moment that we will never forget. I have some photos (actually 35mm slides taken with a Minolta SRT-101) of that day. Would you be interested in posting a few for comparison (Then and Now)? I can put them in a shared DropBox, or however you suggest. Just let me know.

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