The all new Sigma SD1

We are so excited! Sigma Corporation dropped a little bomb onto the photography world. They announced at Photokina the pro level, 46 (!) megapixel Sigma SD1 DSLR camera.

Chief Operating Officer Kazuto Yamaki called it a “giant technological leap ” at a press meeting at Photokina. Which I think is true considering they make the leap from 4,6MP to a 15,3MP sensor. “It indicates a new beginning for Sigma cameras and Foveon sensors” Yamaki said.

From the Press Release:

The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the new SIGMA SD1 Digital SLR Camera, incorporating a 46 megapixel 24×16mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor. The SIGMA SD1 is Sigma’s flagship digital SLR model, adopting a lightweight yet solid magnesium alloy for its body and O-ring sealing connections to make a weather-resistant design throughout for use in harsh conditions.

The SIGMA SD1 incorporates a 24×16mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor and dual “TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II” image processing engines. The combination of the 46 megapixel sensor and dual TRUE II processing engines ensure the high resolution images are processed quickly with high definition and smooth and subtle graduation of colour. The SD1 is SIGMA’s latest digital SLR camera which meets high requirements of professional and enthusiast photographers for all types of photography.

  • 46 megapixel 24×16mm APS-C sensor
  • Lightweight yet solid magnesium alloy body
  • Weather-resistant O-ring sealing connections
  • Dual “˜TRUE II’ image processing engines
  • 11 Point Twin Cross AF Sensor

And this is what V-studio had to say: “We have always been amazed with the results that the Foveon equipped Sigma cameras brought to the table. Especially in the Studio (look here & here for example) the camera can do wonders. With a three fold increase of pixels we are very curious to see what this new camera will be able to produce. Middle format quality comes to mind…”

Can I say one more time, we are excited? We would like to thank the Yamaki family and everybody at Sigma Corporation and Foveon for believing in this special technology and bringing it forward. And please, get it to market soon 😉

photos: Sigma Corporation