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More SD1 RAW files available for download

About four months have passed since I made a few RAW files available for download. Since then my skills with the SD1, the firmware and Sigma Photo Pro have improved.

Therefore I thought it was time to offer some new RAW files for you to play with. All these shots have been taken with the new 150mm OS which is a perfect fit to the Sigma SD1.

You can download the latest version of Sigma Photo Pro here: »

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Photokina, Cologne 2010

After the surprise announcement from Sigma with the new SD1 we were even more determined to pay Photokina a visit this year. Because of our tight work schedules we only managed to free up one day to do so. But it was a very nice and fruitful day. We finally met some people in real life that we got to know through the mighty Internet. Spend time with friends we wished we could see more often like Georges and Carl but missed out on a lot of others.

And yes we got a look a at the new Sigma SD1. It is a beautiful camera. It’s design is very balanced and feels very good in hand. As it was a non-working copy I can’t say how the camera really works but the buttons seem to be in the right places. The fit and finish is very beautiful, especially the embossed info on the dials make it look very luxurious.