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4 thoughts on “Sigma updates SD1’s special micro site”

  1. The PDF file of the dog is nice, but repeat pattern hair is not the best to make comparisons for me, but the neck collar details I would think are close enough to the eys at 6.3 I thought it would be cleaner metal and stones. I also notice a “banding 2.5 inches into the frame from the left it is most visible going down the nose. I think this would be a great addition to an exisiting arsenal of tools. This would be more suited for studio and still life as the buffer is 10 frames. I wish they had a RAW sample, although I don’t know which converter would read the file yet. Its a lovely photograph. I didn’t quite understand the print res stated at 187? The only area of clarity is the eye, and its such a small area. Great color, although its almost a grey dog, but subtle and the butterfly is so nicely done. Would love to try one out and own one, but I do wish in a Canon mount optionso we can use Tilt shifts etc. It is a camera for a pro or amateur that takes slow strides in the work process. Surely not for someone who is used to the agility speed, and longevity of a Canon or Nik, but for a second camera, or a slow processor, I should rather say methodical shooter that grabs a select few but solid frames. Hope this makes sense.

  2. Send me a copy of the SD1 for a few days and I will test it in studio. I have experience with different bodies/sensors including Phase One backs. I have worked on files for over 10 years, and would gladly do it. I believe in Foveon, and I know I would be able to pull the best the sensor can offer.

    This PDF file looked revealing, but not much meat to reveal.

  3. You will have to stand in line behind all of the other Sigma Pro Photographer and advanced amateurs wanting to get their hands on a beta SD1 for testing. Sigma already has its group of select beta testers that sign nondisclosure agreements etc and test new cameras and lenses. Sigma is not going to release the SD1 in another brand’s mount. There is no incentive to do this. It would cut into its SA mount lens sales. Lense sales are its meat and potatoes as of now, so why gut your SA mount sales when you are already selling your lenses in other camera’s mounts? There are many of us that own great Canon L mount lenses that would have no incentive to purchase an SA mount lens if we could just use our existing lenses.

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