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2 thoughts on “Sigma SD1 to ship in early June”

  1. I think Sigma probably set the price according to their production capabilities. Higher price, less demand, same profit. But it’s a dangerous move that may leave them caught in the dark spot of not being good enough for anybody. The manufacturing costs of the SD15 and the SD1 can’t be so far apart to justify such a price increase. Best selling SLR cameras picked by professionals seem to be in the $2000 – $3500 range. $8000 systems are favored by press photographers who need a speed the SD1 can’t deliver. It may work for some fashion and product photographers who’ll find enough quality without having to spend $50K on a medium format. Then again, phase one is already offering 80 megapixels …

    Question is … will the SD15 still be an attractive option for me ? I don’t know …

  2. I my opinion the uncertainty of the released information as supposed to expectation, signifies a poorly managed PR. Sigma has undergone a favoring of all types and candidates to celebrate Sigma on their 50 year anniversary on their homepage with a community effort to post and compete using Sigma as the common denominator. Having very little information released along the way of finalizing the top product, has a long term damaging effect on the company credibility. I am very fond of the Sigma line up but this weaving behavior of being enthusiastic and then not do any real connection to the public is down right amateurish.

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