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Sigma SD1 to ship in early June


Today Sigma Corporation announced that it will start shipping its flagship DSLR, the Sigma SD1, in early June. Sigma is now positioning the camera as an alternative to the very expensive medium-format cameras and digital backs. The suggested retail price of €7,500 ($9,700) does clearly indicate that. A new version of Sigma Photo Pro (version 5) will come bundled with the camera.

Update: Sigma SD1 kit prices on the Sigma USA webshop are a bit off compared to the afore mentioned body price.

A short summary

The Sigma SD1 is Sigma’s fifth DSLR camera now featuring a 23.5×15.7mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor with 44 recording megapixel (4,704×3,136×3 layers). It captures all primary RGB colors at each and every pixel location. The Sigma SD1 incorporates a dual TRUE II image processor that allows simultaneous output to RAW and JPEG files. The advanced DDR III buffer can hold up to 7 of the highest resolution files and 14 in medium and low resolution. Continuous shooting speed comes in at 5 frames per second for the high resolution and 6 for medium and low. Files are stored on CF cards and is compatible with UDMA, enabling fast processing of the large amounts of data.

An 11 point twin cross sensor should provide a fast and accurate autofocus system. The metering is done with a 77-segment AE sensor. Using a two-motor system with dedicated motors for mirror-drive and shutter charge reduces the vibration of mirror movement, thereby preventing camera shake.

All this is packaged in a solid magnesium alloy body with buttons and connections having O-ring sealing to prevent dust and water getting inside the camera. It has a pentaprism viewfinder with 98% (vertical and horizontal) coverage, 0.95x magnification and an 18mm eye point. A large 3.0″ TFT LCD Monitor with wide viewing angle on the back of the camera makes it easy to check focusing and composition and provides easy access to all menu items. The built-in flash pops up high and provides a 17mm (25.5mm equivalent) angle of coverage.

More info, sample photos and a brochure

On you can find more detailed info about the Sigma SD1. Giving you the ins and outs of the camera and its Picture Quality. It also includes a sample photo gallery as well as a digital version of the Sigma SD1 brochure to download.

Editor’s note

I think we can safely say that Sigma surprised everybody with the price setting. Is it worth that price? We hope to arrange something with Sigma for a sample Sigma SD1 to find that out soon!

Update 22 May 2011


Strong discussions are popping up all over the internet, the price setting certainly sparked a lot of debates. I have collected a few links where you can find some of the discussion. Have you found an interesting one, please leave a link in the comments.
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  1. I think Sigma probably set the price according to their production capabilities. Higher price, less demand, same profit. But it’s a dangerous move that may leave them caught in the dark spot of not being good enough for anybody. The manufacturing costs of the SD15 and the SD1 can’t be so far apart to justify such a price increase. Best selling SLR cameras picked by professionals seem to be in the $2000 – $3500 range. $8000 systems are favored by press photographers who need a speed the SD1 can’t deliver. It may work for some fashion and product photographers who’ll find enough quality without having to spend $50K on a medium format. Then again, phase one is already offering 80 megapixels …

    Question is … will the SD15 still be an attractive option for me ? I don’t know …

  2. I my opinion the uncertainty of the released information as supposed to expectation, signifies a poorly managed PR. Sigma has undergone a favoring of all types and candidates to celebrate Sigma on their 50 year anniversary on their homepage with a community effort to post and compete using Sigma as the common denominator. Having very little information released along the way of finalizing the top product, has a long term damaging effect on the company credibility. I am very fond of the Sigma line up but this weaving behavior of being enthusiastic and then not do any real connection to the public is down right amateurish.

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