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Sigma SD1 RAWs for your pleasure

Everywhere around the web Sigma SD1 RAW packs are popping up so everyone can have a go with the real deal. And of course we wanted to contribute a little to that too. We picked six files to share with you. We choose them not on their artistic merits but decided on them to have six different shots.

I divided them over two zip files as the files are so damn huge. The RAW files are in general just over 50MB a piece. We have portraits, some weeds, textures, shallow depth of field, difficult evening light and a shot of a boat that has incredible detail!

» Download RAW pack 1


[mycaption]Writer’s note: Olga insisted on including the one of me where I think I look not too handsome. Just came out of bed and probably didn’t even have my first coffee. But there is indeed plenty of detail including the sure signs of a beard going grey…[/mycaption]

» Download RAW pack 2


If this is not enough…

Al Carlay Photography
On the website of Al Carlay Photography a couple of wonderful shots of the musician Becca Schack are available for download in RAW. A third one will be added soon the website says. Both were shot with the 17-50mm at iso200, I think those shots look really nice.
update: Al is posting more and more RAW files to download.

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Carl Rytterfalk
Of course Carl Rytterfalk posted a RAW pack too! We actually blame him for this RAW pack craze, ha ha. It features his lovely family and that gorgeous Swedish light.

update: Carl has posted two more RAW packs from China.

update: Carl posted his fourth RAW pack, SD1 Shangeri-la RAW Pack 4.

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On a Chinese (?) forum

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ka_tate In Japanese, download link is on the bottom of the post.

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Seng Merrill
She posted a set of 4 RAW files over at DPReview;… »

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Please be advised that those shots are of course only shared for evaluation purposes. The respective photographers remain the owners and copyright holders of the photos. Do respect that.

If any of you know of more places to download a couple of RAWs, let me know in the comments so I can add them to the list.



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