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12 thoughts on “Sigma DP1M & DP2M announced, featuring the same sensor as the Sigma SD1”

  1. i wish you could have got an optical view finder,aslo praying that you will keep the pricing affordable for me

    1. I had a optical viewfinder on my DP1 and DP2 but actually never really used it. Made the camera look cool though 😉 For prices I also hope that Sigma will be able to keep the price at an affordable level.

  2. I hope they are able to keep these two cameras under $1200 at least and even better if cheaper than $1000 (I think the $1000 mark would increase sales greatly because it is at the point were people aren’t usually willing to pay more for this style camera), if $800, Sigma will be selling these things like hotcakes, but $1000 would be the best compromise for Sigma and customers. I like the photo length of the DP2’s better (I have a DP1s, got it cheap on Ebay and was completely worth it), but if the quality of the lens on the DP1M is as good as the DP2M and has little distortion, I might go for the DP1M and use the massive 15.4 megapixel Foveon sensor to crop images.

    1. I have no info but somehow my gut feeling tells me that the street price will be under $1000. At that price it is hopefully going to be a good seller. As I see that the SD1 in combination with good lenses performs incredibly well I reckon that an optimized combo as in those little cameras is going to be really good. Can’t wait to give them a try 🙂

      1. What do you think about Sigma making lenses specifically for the SD1? I am sure that Sigma could make lenses that make the SD1 really shine, but the problem is, those lenses probably wouldn’t generate as much interest in other mounts, so they would probably need to be SA exclusives.

        1. I personally don’t see much use in that. Prices would be close to a DP camera. But of course they can make new lenses which will be interesting on the SD1 and other (APS) cameras. I would like to see a really nice fast 24mm (f2?) prime for example. With a minimum of distortion and the new FLD glass. Hopefully the 50-150 OS will also be a great lens. That focal length is very useful on the SD1. Something like a 16-80 OS f4 would be nice too. Could be a perfect “kit-lens”

  3. I would be interested in any of those lenses you said. Those would do really well to fill their lineup out (especially the 24mm F2 prime). The 16-80mm focal distance would make a great lens, I would be interested in an EX version at F2 or F2.8 (I wouldn’t mind the extra size and weight for the better performance), but at F4 that would be the perfect kit-lens truly. If you got to control the future of Sigma’s lens lineup, it would be a very bright future indeed with what you stated above as great lenses to add to their lineup 😉

    I am looking at some point investing in the 150mm macro OS lens, I believe I read somewhere that you had one, how does that one stack up to the other Sigma macros, especially the venerable 70mm macro?

    1. I think a 16-80 any faster than F4 would be nice but probably too big. Important to me is the constant aperture as I like to shoot Manual and in A priority.

      Get the 150mm OS, it’s the best lens I have 🙂 (don’t have the 70mm though)

      1. F4 would be fine if they can make it pro quality glass with FLD, especially considering the improvement in ISO they have had recently in their cameras. Wasn’t to long ago ISO 400 was highest you could go in regular conditions and 800 could be iffy for printing (speaking more of the SD14 and the DP series when using the TRUE first generation image processor). Now 1600 and 3200 can be pretty good on the SD1, so F4 might not be the issue on the SD1 that it is on my SD14.

        Which should I get first, SD1M or 150mm macro OS? 🙂

  4. Sigma, i may buy if its similarly priced to canon G1x, and if its cheaper than tt significantly i will buy your camera!

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