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Some to remember

This series of photos were taken on the 20th September 2014, during the airborne day in my hometown Ede (The Netherlands).

On this day hundreds of paratroopers jump from classical airplanes on the fields between Ede and Arnhem to commemorate the battle of Arnhem that was fought during world war II at the final stage of the Market Garden Operation. This year it was 70 years ago that this battle was fought.

The brave young soldiers that fought for the freedom of Europe far away from their homes, still deserve honour and respect. For that reason the airborne event is a free and public event for the young and old, showing the life in a soldiers camp, all kinds of military vehicles and soldiers in traditional and modern combat uniforms.

This year it was the first year that I brought my family. Previous years I came either by myself or with a fellow photographer as this event brings lots of photographic opportunities.

The equipment I used in this series are the Sigma DP1s and the Sigma SD15 combined with the 105mm EX Macro.

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