New firmware for SD1 and a new version of Sigma Photo Pro


Sigma released a new firmware, v1.04, for the SD1 flagship camera. The following points are the benefits of this software:

  • Languages to be displayed in Set Up menu are added.
  • Enables the use of “SIGMA Capture Pro” camera control software.
  • Playback Menu is improved.
  • Saturation limit of highlight areas on JPEG images is improved.
  • Accuracy of evaluative exposure metering is improved.
  • Accuracy of Auto Focus is improved.
  • Various bugs have been corrected to achieve more stable operation.

Download the new firmware here:;

Sigma Photo Pro

At the same time they released a new version of their RAW Developer, SPP. Version 5.2.0 ; also brings compatibility with; SIGMA Capture Pro. The full list of improvements si:

  • Compatibility with SIGMA Capture Pro remote camera control software.
  • Added Highlight Correction function.
  • Corrects the phenomenon that saved JPEG or TIFF file will be marked automatically after image processing.
  • Reduced the frequency of processing errors.
  • Improved stability of the operation.

Download SPP here:;