Michihiro Yamaki passed away

Today we received the sad news that founder and CEO of Sigma Corporation, Michihiro Yamaki passed away on January 18th, 2012 at the age of 78.

We are very sad about this and for his family. We want to give them our sincerest condolences. We were fortunate to have met him a couple of times and that always was a wonderful experience. Because of his achievements we have gained a lot in life and got to know many friends that are so very dear to us. May his soul rest in peace and be in our thoughts forever. Thanks Mr. Yamaki!

Official statement from Sigma Corporation

Announcement of the death of Michihiro Yamaki, CEO

We regret to announce that the founder and CEO of Sigma Corporation, Michihiro Yamaki passed away at 1:53am on January 18th, 2012. We would like to sincerely express our deep gratitude for your generous support for him till this day.


Michihiro Yamaki
Current Job Title Chief Executive Officer
Date of Birth August 2nd, 1933
Date of Decease January 18th, 2012, Wednesday (at the age of 78)

September, 1961 – established Sigma Research Center
November, 1970 – officially changed trade name to Sigma Corporation
November, 1979 – established Sigma Germany
May, 1983 – established Sigma Hong Kong
May, 1986 – established Sigma America
May, 1991 – established Sigma Benelux
April, 1992 – established Sigma Singapore
September, 1993 – established Sigma France
November, 2000 – established Sigma U. K.
March, 2003 – received PMA Hall of Fame Award
February, 2009 – received International Photographic Council (IPC) of UN Hall of Fame Award
February, 2011 – received Golden Photokina Pin

* To abide by the wishes of the deceased, a private funeral was conducted for close family members and relatives, and this announcement was made after the ceremony.
We are planning company funerals in Tokyo and Aizu at a later date.