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5 thoughts on “Full speed ahead”

  1. That brings back memories, Bob. I saw a few races at Hockenheim in 1971-1973; likely before you were born!! At that time I was shooting with a Minolta SRT101 with High Speed Ektrachrome pushed to ISO 160! How things have changed. I did get some good shots, though, especially between the Sachskurve and the Agip Kurve where they are slowed down turning. Thanks for sharing your experiment. BT

  2. But I wasn’t born at that time. =P Nice pictures! I always like your writings and your stylisch website, too – it’s got a nice bright look and feel! I have to admire these little racing cars … they look like a high tech go-cart from modern times. Well they are, but they look incredible compact and bullish without front and rear spoiler … never seen em like this, only the little ones looking like small but complete F1 cars (e.g. F3). Really would like to battle against some friends in one of these … Well I guess I’m getting off topic on your photo website … 😀

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