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A few small notices from Sigma

New firmware for the DP1x, DP2x and the SD15. Sigma released more info about the SD1 Point Support Program.

They ; also opened an Official Facebook Page (in Japanese). The 30mm F2.8 EX DN is now available for Micro Four Thirds cameras. And that the SIGMA SD1 Merrill is scheduled to start shipping at the end of this month.


New Firmware for Sigma DP1x & DP2x

Benefits of the firmware update

SIGMA DP1x firmware [Ver.1.03]
“¢ Languages to be displayed in Set Up menu are added.
“¢ Various bugs have been corrected to achieve more stable operation.

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Sigma DP1M & DP2M announced, featuring the same sensor as the Sigma SD1

In a surprise announcement Sigma introduced two new DP camera’s featuring the same sensor as in the SD1. We’ll try to get more info later today.

Gizmodo Japan has some photos showing the DP2M next to a original DP-series camera. It’s bigger but not too much.

For more info about the camera’s visit

From Sigma’s website:

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SD1 rebranded and price drop

The SD1 DSLR will now be known as the SD1 Merrill, in honor of Dick Merrill, inventor of the Foveon sensor technology on which it is based. The price dropped to an estimated street price of $2,299!

Europe € 2,099

Announcement of SD1 Merrill

To our valued customers,

We would like to express our appreciation for your loyal patronage of SIGMA products.

Today, we announced our new digital single lens reflex camera, the Sigma SD1 Merrill. This product has the same features, performance, and specifications as the SIGMA SD1, however, the price is substantially revised. We are gearing up for its release in March 2012, and the market price is expected to be approximately “JPY200,000.- “.

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Michihiro Yamaki passed away

Today we received the sad news that founder and CEO of Sigma Corporation, Michihiro Yamaki passed away on January 18th, 2012 at the age of 78.

We are very sad about this and for his family. We want to give them our sincerest condolences. We were fortunate to have met him a couple of times and that always was a wonderful experience. Because of his achievements we have gained a lot in life and got to know many friends that are so very dear to us. May his soul rest in peace and be in our thoughts forever. Thanks Mr. Yamaki!

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More SD1 RAW files available for download

About four months have passed since I made a few RAW files available for download. Since then my skills with the SD1, the firmware and Sigma Photo Pro have improved.

Therefore I thought it was time to offer some new RAW files for you to play with. All these shots have been taken with the new 150mm OS which is a perfect fit to the Sigma SD1.

You can download the latest version of Sigma Photo Pro here: »

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Iraq Through My Eye

Photographer; Michael Taylor
Location; Iraq
Camera; Sigma SD9

In the fall of 2004 I purchased my first Sigma Camera system while I was deployed to Iraq in the City of Tikrit. The images above are a cross section of the thousands of images I captured with my SD9 with its incredible Foveon sensor and those first lenses from October 2004 to February 2005.

*updated* SIGMA Photo Pro 5.1 & new SD1 firmware now available for download

Sigma released a much needed update for it’s RAW developing software Sigma Photo Pro, bringing the version number to 5.1. The update brings, apart from bug fixes, a new tool called the Exposure Picker. But the most important of the update is the improvements in processing. Especially the highlights processing is improved making it easier to achieve more balanced results.

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