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They are called “fixed gear bike” or “single speed bike”. Originally it’s racing bike, so It’s unequipped a lot. They are visually simple, sharp and beautiful.

At first I was just taking a photo as a record of my bike modification. Then one day my friend loved it when I took his bike so I started to take his bike, too. So all the bikes that I have taken so far are mine and my friend’s.

I always go by my bike to the place of shooting photos, carrying camera and tripods on back. That is a necessary activity.

And everyone (also I am) is so impressed with the way all the subtle nuance and details that I’ve taken with a Foveon sensor. I think this is a power of communication, to share memories, and that is the true potential of the “Photography”.

Photographer; Nobuyuki a.k.a. #50.
Location; Kumamoto, Japan.
Camera; Sigma DP2.

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