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3 thoughts on “An update on the next generation Foveon sensor”

  1. Glad they are still at it (the full frame Foveon). Another company may already have thrown the towel. You can buy great cams nowadays, but they all lack the precise detail of the Foveon. I sometimes compare the 50 MP of my EOS 5DS to the images of a Merrill (mostly DP3) and I think a full frame Foveon DSLR will be the one and only DSLR I want to purchase in the next decade. I’m fine with waiting. But I really want this to happen …

    1. I fully agree, there is something still very different to the Foveon files. I sincerely hope that Sigma will get it done. I’d love one with L-mount glass.

  2. i have found out Foveon is different from other sensor since i use SD14, i am still using my SD15 & SD1m, and hope that Sigma FF Foveon camera will be my next camera.

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