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16 thoughts on “A wealth of Sigma SD1 info”

  1. A DSLR with such a high resolution will need to be used on a tripod to get the most out of it.
    Yet Sigma doesn’t provide an internal shutter to close the viewfinder (like a Nikon D700).
    Seems we will still have to get around with some little plastic cover….sigh.

  2. Please, have a look at the nose of the dog of the example picture. You will find an artefact which shows a sensor failure in my opinion. It’s not a good idea to take this as a demonstration of the product proof.

  3. I think they should stay quiet until the product is closer to a release date…this waiting is killing me…

    1. Basically tethering means controlling the camera over computer connection. You can change settings from the computer and fire the camera. The photo will then be transferred to the computer directly for review. This is very helpful especially for studio photography.

  4. Well, for the past 1 month (and probably even more) Sigma has been telling us the SD1 is ‘coming soon’. While we are Sigma enthusiasts and willing to wait, but I really hope this wait ain’t gonna last for 1 year. Or even 2, like the SD15!

    Maybe Sigma can at least update us on the developments of the camera so we know what we are in for? And like estimated how many months to wait for?

    Hope Sigma can understand our patience does not last forever!

    1. Hi Bryan, there is unfortunately no definite info about the release date. But most rumblings point to a June release. The earthquake did cause a bit of a delay but as it looks not too severe. As soon as we know more we will of course let every one know 🙂

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