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Late-day Color Show

Photographer; Britton Robbins.
Location; Webster, NY, USA.
Camera; Sigma SD1.

One of the things I miss about living on the west-coast of the United States is the magnificent sunsets. Here in northern New York state, it can be challenging to find the right conditions to get a great sunset shot.

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Other news, Photo Series

Dutch tulips

Photographer; Bob van Ooik
Location; Grünstadt, Germany
Camera; Sigma SD14

During a lovely sunset I shot some tulips on my balcony. And I thought, while I’m busy collecting material for new posts on X3 magazine I could just as well share this one already with you. All shots were done with the original 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 which has a great macro mode.

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Other news, Photo Series

Going close on Mallorca

Photographer; Michael S. Buchholz.
Location; Mallorca, Spain.
Camera; Sigma DP2.

One week before I started into the Mallorca holidays, I switched from the DP1s to the DP2. The main reason for me was the possibility to take pictures with shallow depth of field at maximum aperture. This new experience with the play of DOF fascinated me for many motifs on this beautiful island.

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