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The Colors of Love on X3 magazine

I usually take my trusty Nikon D3s for engagement shoots but for Edward & Karolina and Ben & Tracy, I decided to shoot with my Sigma SD15. Why? because of the foveon colors which are very rich to my eyes and has a certain digital softness that’s very hard to duplicate with my D3s.

I like to shoot the sd15 with my 17-50OS lens at iso50-100, usually at f4, where this lens really shines. I also bring a gray card for custom white balance and I like Portrait mode, which emphasizes certain reds in the skintones.

Shooting two people with an APS-C sensor is in itself a technical exercise to overcome if you also come from a full frame 35mm and medium format background. The APS-C shooting experience just feels cramped but there are certain focal lengths that I do like that work for my style. I like 17mm, 24mm, and 50mm. My x3f workflow usually involves “prepping” the file at spp and then bringing the TIFF to Capture NX where I draw my own curve. The process usually takes no more than 5 mins for each picture.

Photographer; Al Carlay Photography.
Camera; Sigma SD15.
Lens; Sigma 17-50mm OS.

Couple;; Ben and Tracy.
Location Shoot;; Astoria, Queens (right across the river from Manhattan).

Couple;; Edward and Karolina.
Location Shoot;; Central Park Manhattan.

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