DP3Merrill-logoThe Sigma DP family of compact cameras today got an exciting new addition. The Sigma DP3 Merrill is mostly identical to its siblings the DP1 & DP2 Merrill except for one important part, the lens. It features a 50mm (75mm equivalent) F2.8 macro lens. It has a minimum focus distance of 22.6cm resulting in a 1:3 magnification. The focal length makes the camera very suitable for portrait photography.

The camera will be available in February 2013.


Sigma DP3 Merrill minisite ยป




  • Matt

    This is pretty exciting. Sigma is definitely filling out their lineup. As some mentioned on DPReview, it would be cool for Sigma to offer a bundle on their website of all three of them with a discount of a few hundred dollars if you bought the bundle. I am excited to see over the next few years how they fill out their camera and lens lineup.

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