About four months have passed since I made a few RAW files available for download. Since then my skills with the SD1, the firmware and Sigma Photo Pro have improved.

Therefore I thought it was time to offer some new RAW files for you to play with. All these shots have been taken with the new 150mm OS which is a perfect fit to the Sigma SD1.

You can download the latest version of Sigma Photo Pro here: » http://www.sigma-sd.com/SD1/photopro.html

As always these files are provided for review purposes only. Have fun but please play fair!

Download the RAW file
» SDIM0638.X3F.zip

Download the RAW file
» SDIM0686.X3F.zip

Download the RAW file
» SDIM0616.X3F.zip

Download the RAW file
» SDIM0619.X3F.zip

Download the RAW file
» SDIM0650.X3F.zip

  • claus


    Checked the images. I’m just on a shoot and the photographer is working with the new H4D31 Hasselblad (which comes in at a ‘low’ 13.000 USD pricetag) … quite honestly the H4D’s 31 MP files blow the Sigma SD1’s fake 41MP files out of the water. I suspect the primary reason for this is sheer sensor size, the size of the photobuckets, and how much easier it is for the optics to resolve properly on that larger sensor-size. Sigma glass can in no way compete with this standard on a APS-C sensor … now matter how good the Sensor is, these are plain and simply physical limits. Oh, you get also true 16 bit color.

    So, contemplating Sigma’s insane price-tag for it’s ‘toy on steroids’ SD1, and if you have the funds to buy in this price-bracket my recommendation would be to upgrade to one of the Medium-format entry-level models (Hassy, Pentax, Leaf etc.) and stear clear of ‘middle of the road high-end solutions’ like the SD1.

  • Bob van Ooik (author)

    Hi Claus, I wish Sigma never used the term “MF competitor”. It blurs all relevant discussions about the SD1 as it is. The camera and sensor are quite an achievement in itself. Producing very high quality for such a small form factor. Unfortunately the software is not (yet) up to the task of getting the most out of it.

    Not sure if it would be financially and technically interesting for Sigma but I would love to see a ;±10MP sensor in a body like the SD1 for the originally projected price of under 2000. To develop the current 15MP files simply take too much time. And from what I see 10MP should be just fine in 99% of the cases. It also would mean that lesser quality lenses can be used. They still would need to rewrite/redo SPP completely though 😉

    Personally I would love to have that Hasselblad in studio. But I can’t imagine taking it on a walk like the one where I took the above shots. Of course I still hope that one day the Foveon technology will be able to show it’s real face. Maybe one day in a real MF body using a MF sized sensor. I wish I had the funds to get myself that H4D till it arrives 🙂

  • claus

    Hi Bob, yes totally agree, the pricing/positioning is a dilemma and just does not fit, and comparing it to MF style resolution is sheer marketing hubris.

    But there’s also the thing that I feel less ‘foveonised’ when looking at the SD1’s output, maybe it’s related to the software, or the lenses, but I just don’t seem to get that ‘3D’ feeling from the files as even possible with the DP1. As said maybe it’s the lenses who don’t follow.

    And yes, Foveon in a MF body, that would probably be a pretty amazing experience and take that market by storm. It would just be so much more efficient way of producing tack-sharp image quality at reasonable resolutions (instead of the 60-200MP follys of top of the line MF backs) and it would probably play out beautifully with the optics. Why Sigma didn’t think of developing a sensor for MF and OEM to manufacturers, specially given the fact that MF does not really compete on Sigma territory is a mistery, maybe related to difficulties producing sensors at this size.

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