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[mycaption][ edit, this is an post from 2009, which was an update from 2008 and now it’s time to bump the post again as there is a smaller update made that I didn’t know about ][/mycaption]

Jeff Sickels, the creater of Sigma X3F quicklook plugin has once more shown his skill and released a welcome update. He made this comment a while back:

There’s a new version of the X3F_qlgenerator out that now uses x3f_extract. It handles the DP1 X3F files significantly better than earlier versions (a plus), and keeps the same orientation enhancements from v1.2. Thanks to Carl’s RAW DP2 Pack, I was also able to verify that Quicklook handles the DP2 files rather well (now I just have to get my hands on a DP2). Enjoy.

Movie made a while back about the plugin.
[See post Carl’s post to watch the video]

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  • Peter

    This plugin just rocks. I can browse through whole my gallery from Finder which is a snap comparing to doing the same in SPP. Considering how bad (super slow) Sigma’s SPP is this plugin is a life saver. Sigma should have buy this from Jeff and mad it a part of Sigma Photo Pro installation.

    Kudos to Jeff Sickels for releasing this plugin to public!

  • Jeff

    A release for Lion will be available shortly.

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